KliK® Sound Education

KliK® - Help children’s souls grow!

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KliK® Sound Education

Do you want to actively support children in their development? Would you like to help children de-stress and find inner peace in these unsettled times?
If so, we offer tried and tested methods based on educational programs which, with the use of Singing Bowls and Gongs, can help children become strong, resilient and happy individuals.

KliK® is a registered trademark developed in Germany by Emily Hess and stands for

Klingende Kommunikation = Sounding Communication

Concept by Emily Hess and Anna Avramidou 

Supported by Maggie Dent www.maggiedent.com

The KliK® Expert / Practitioner

The training as a KliK® Expert / Practitioner is aimed at all interested, committed people, parents, grandparents, educational and therapeutic professionals who want to use Singing Bowls and sound elements to help children with the challenges in their lives. Knowledge and sound elements are conveyed in a relaxed, playful atmosphere which is also beneficial for your own wellbeing. The sound games and exercises taught can enrich everyday routines and play activities. They can be used with individuals as well as groups for sensory, cognitive and emotional support.

Resilience Training - Prepare our Children for the future

Under pressure and tension children don’t learn, let alone thrive.
The methods of the KliK® program help to calm and relax children mentally and physically so they can get in touch with their inner self. KliK® helps create optimum conditions to support cognitive support programs.
By this we mean creating a healthy, conscious body perception and mind-body connection because the body is our central contact medium for the inner and outer world. It enables us to perceive stimuli and impulses, and it gives us important signals that we communicate through gestures, facial expressions etc.

Through the physical vibration of the Singing Bowl vibrotactile stimuli are set, which can be used for specific purposes i.e. to promote external and internal perception. In addition, the harmonic sounds provide an auditory stimulus that is both relaxing and stress reducing. This promotes ideal conditions for focus and attention which helps with successful reception and application of learning content. Therefore, the medium of Singing Bowls as part of the "Sound Education with Children" offers a holistic approach at all levels.


Take advantage of the diversity of the KliK® Program to expand your career opportunities!

The KliK® program is becoming increasingly popular in daycare centres and schools around the world. Singing Bowls are already available in many institutions and the desire for effective application of them is growing. You may also already be using them in your own practice with the Peter Hess® Sound Methods, or you would like to do so. The KliK® program offers interesting possibilities to successfully expand your job opportunities.

Time scale 
The full training to certify as a KliK® Expert or KliK® Practitioner consists of the one day workshop “Singing Bowls - Playing and Learning using all Senses” as well as three training seminars “Sound Massage I”, “Sound Massage for Children” and “Inspiring Children with Sound and Language”.
The entire training includes 53 hours plus working hours for the self-study of the scripts.

Please note that the one day workshop “Singing Bowls - Playing and Learning using all Senses” and the seminars "Sound Massage with Children" and "Inspiring Children with Sound and Language" can be done individually and don't have to be done together in a block training.

Discount: A $50 discount applies when you book the two seminars "Sound Massage with Children" and "Inspiring Children with Sound and Language" as a block.

The KliK® Practitioner/Expert Training Path

Practitioner or Expert 

Educational or therapeutic professionals (written proof) are qualified after comlpetion of the training to use the
following additional