Peter Hess ® Academy Australia

Relax with Singing Bowls Workshop

An introduction to Sound & Sound Massage


Relax & Resonate

Come and join me for a cozy afternoon of self-care & relaxation bliss.

Enjoy a profound Sound Relaxation Session as well as your first hands on experience with

Peter Hess ® therapeutic Singing Bowls.
Explore and experience the world of sound, vibration & silence, discover its unique holistic principles and

the benefits for your overall well-being.


Please dress in comfortable clothes.
Tea and snacks are provided.

​If you would like to experience or host this workshop in your area please contact me on 0427 4747 367. Thank you!


Cost: Contribution $80 per person


Prerequisite: none

Hours of Study: 3

Minimum number of participants : 10

Workshop Facilitators: Ute Coleman, Irene Morgan, Tamara Oostdam


  • Scientific Sound Facts & Benefits

  • Introduction of Peter Hess ® Singing Bowls

  • Teabreak

  • Sound Exchange - Introduction to the Peter Hess ® Sound Massage

  • Sound Meditation - Listen and Relax