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Peter Hess® Sound Massage Intensive Training in Margaret Riv​er
9 day training from 9:30am-5:30pm with a break on day 5

Join us for 8 rejuvenating days in beautiful Margaret River to learn Sound Massage, covering Levels I-IV. Indulge in the transformative benefits of sound and enjoy the pristine surroundings of this region.

Open to all levels, including individual bookings.

Final Supervision offered online and live 3-6 months post-course practice, with details explained during the retreats.

Level I

Level II

Level III/IV



Early Bird fee available. Please refer to the booking page for details.


The regular Intensive course fee is $1720 per person.

This includes course scripts in digital format and certificates.


All levels can be booked individually.


Printed copies of the course book will be available for purchase during the course.

The Intensive week will take place at Sound Relaxation Studio, upstairs in the Reef Centre, 34 Fearn Ave.


Please note that accommodation is NOT included.

There are plenty of options for different budgets in and around town. If you would like some recommendations please let us know.

All Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls will be available for a 10% discount during the training.


Prerequisite: none

Hours of Study: 64

Seminar Time: 9:30am-5:30pm daily with a free day on day five


Minimum number of participants:


Teachers: Ute Coleman


  • History and Holistic Effects of Sound

  • Theory & Science of Sound

  • Characteristics of Singing Bowls

  • Principles of Peter Hess Sound Massage

  • Supervised exchanges and practice of Sound Massages

  • Body energy and its importance

  • Perception of body energy with Singing Bowls and Gongs

  • Advanced Sound Massage techniques

  • Joint and leg Sound Massage

  • Neuromuscular Release

  • Clearing, harmonising, draining, balancing 

  • Sound Pyramid and Energetic Sound Bow

  • Designing Individual Sound Massages

  • Symptom-specific Sound Massage

  • Individual Sound Massage preparation and practice

  • Cosmic Sound Bath for groups

  • Guided Sound Meditation and Imaginary Sound Journeys for relaxation

  • Application possibilities, limitations, and contraindications

  • Business and legal considerations

  • Experiential exchanges and reflections.

Peter Hess® Sound Massage Intensive Training Retreat in Bali
A date and more information will be released soon

Join us in October 2024 for a week of training on the Island of the Gods.

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