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16 September- 30 September 2024
 with Emily & Peter Hess
Ikaria, Greece

Embrace the power of your Basic Trust!

Are you seeking a deeper self-connection and stress relief?
Envision a self-care retreat providing the time and suppor
t to explore your inner worlds.
Discover the power of your Basic Trust and 
learn new skills you can also share with your clients.

Come and join me for this very special sound experience and unique opportunity to spend two weeks with
Emily and Peter Hess on their beautiful secluded home island of Ikaria, surrounded by the
turquoise Aegean Sea in the iconic Blue Zone in Greece.


Date: 16.- 30. September 2024
- Fully booked, waitlist available -


Basic ® Trust Intensive Training $2499,-

including course scripts, 3 dinners together, a sailboat trip, an adventure tour, a hike with Peter Hess, an Artemis ritual, excursion advice, and insurance.

(excluding travel expenses, hotel expenses, and meals)


Peter Hess® Sound Massage Level I to Practitioner Certification recommended

Hours of Study:


Seminar time: 

Arrival and departure days are free

9 days of training

3 days of adventuring together

1 free day for rest & relaxation


Minimum number of participants:



Ute Coleman


Not included: 

Accommodation Double Room $100.-pp and Single $130.-pp per night including breakfast at Villa Cecile, Avlaki, Ikaria, Greece

Masterclass online (optional) - 24hrs:

Can be completed online via Zoom after the in person training to receive the certification 'Emily Hess® Basic Trust Coach' $550 

For a detailed description please refer to the text above.

Travel Package solo:

Travel Package $450.-

includes 3 dinners together, sail boat trip, adventure tour in the mountains, hike with guide (3 hours), easy hike (1hr), Artemis Temple ritual, Greek dance, excursion advice and insurance.

Other expenses to budget: 

Flight into Athens

One night in Athens at an allocated hotel - transport to airport ca. $200,-

Flight (50min) Athens to Ikaria ca. $200,-

Join the Basic Trust Intensive Training to rediscover your inner core through 24 Basic Trust Settings and healing Imaginary Sound Journeys.
Led by Emily Hess, with 30 years of expertise, this transformative experience empowers life changes and fosters a balanced connection between your inner and outer worlds.

A pathway to a happier, more balanced lifestyle.

Seminar and Accommodation:

Enjoy a breathtaking sunset, take a stroll on the beach, hike, sail and enjoy the local cuisine
while staying with us!


Join Emily and Peter Hess for a two-week Basic Trust Coaching retreat on Ikaria, Greece. Rediscover your inner core, learn 24 Basic Trust Settings, and experience healing Sound Journeys. The certification includes three modules and an online Master Class.

Stay in the exclusive 'Villa Cecile' with stunning views and a private beach. Enjoy breaks to explore the island and engage in activities. Leave inspired, well-rested, and equipped to integrate positive changes into your life.

Overview Intensive Training :

The Emily Hess® Basic Trust Intensive training includes three course modules.

During these in-person courses, you will be introduced to the Basic Trust Sound Settings and Sound Meditations. Upon completion of the courses, you may choose to take the online Master Class, which focuses on safely applying the settings you have learned. To become a certified Emily Hess® Basic Trust Coach, you must complete both the Masterclass and the Peter Hess® Sound Massage Level I course.

For each seminar you will receive a certificate of attendance. After the completion of all three experience courses you will receive another certificate that entitles you to use the learned content in coaching or mentoring settings with your clients.

Basic Trust - Transformation

In this workshop, we'll explore how to cultivate your Basic Trust and authentic connection with your feelings. Using sounds creatively, we'll enhance self-positivity and release physical tension to access the power of your soul. This newfound security will empower you to make new impactful life decisions. Learn to perceive your body in a healing way, promote mindfulness, and receive instructions for safe sound application in client settings.


  • Introduction: What is Basic Trust and how does it develop?

  • Recognising the resources of each individual

  • Basic Trust Sound Massage

  • Basic Trust in an indigenous context (e.g. among the Newaris in Nepal)

  • Experience of Basic Trust in nourishing sound spaces

  • Scope: 24 hours

Basic Trust - In Dialogue with your Soul

In this course, we'll uncover hidden aspects within, restoring self-efficacy and shaping our world through newfound awareness. Sound harmonises our inner and outer worlds. Explore solution-focused sound spaces for self-liberation, understanding energy patterns, and personal development with a sense of lightness. Graduates apply these settings in daily problem-solving, finding life becomes easier. Each sound setting is client-friendly for practical use.


  • Basics of interpersonal communication

  • Sound spaces and Meditations

  • Exercises related to the use of sounds and their effect on this topic

  • Scope: 16 hours

Basic Trust - Sound of Life

This course aims to enrich and positively reframe your life journey. Life often brings tension and disconnection from our bodies, impacting well-being. Through deep relaxation techniques, including extended Sound Massages, we evoke a sense of 'aliveness' in the "dance of life" setting. Experimental sound spaces empower you to reclaim control, shaping life with creativity and responsibility. Reconnect with your inner resources and reshape your biography. Use the learned sound spaces creatively in therapeutic work.


  • Draw strength through resource-oriented connection to our ancestors

  • Experience your own life path through sound

  • "Dance of Life" 

  • Access dreams and visions through meditation

  • Become aware of the positive and sustaining force that exists within you

  • Scope: 24 hours

Information Masterclass online 

Through in-person courses, you'll explore 24 Basic Trust Settings and healing imaginations. The Master Class extends this knowledge, allowing you to guide clients in coaching and mentoring situations. The online program, spanning 24 hours, includes live mentorship sessions via Zoom for implementation in your professional life. Emily Hess provides insights and support to enhance your skills.

I am very excited to host this unique experience for the first time and can't wait to have you on board.

If you have any questions please contact me directly.

Bookings are now open!

Warmly, Ute

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