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KliK® Module I

KliK® Module I
Singing Bowls - Playing and Learning using all your Senses

A workshop for educators, teachers, parents, grandparents, therapeutic professionals, Yoga teachers and anyone who would like to learn about the holistic benefits of sound for children and use Singing Bowls as tools to promote sensory play, relaxation and self-awareness.

Singing Bowls stimulate all senses. They shine with a golden glow, and if you touch them with your fingertips or activate them with a mallet they emit varied and complex sounds. This sets both an acoustic and vibrotactile stimulus which simultaneously activates the auditory and somatosensory perception -  hearing and touch.

The sound fosters body awareness and touches it in an emotionally soothing way. 
In this workshop you will learn different sound games with Singing Bowls, which are wonderful to play with children.

Join us on a journey of discovery and get to know the many possibilities of the use of Singing Bowls




Delivery: Live and online via Zoom

Cost live: $220 including certification and course script. Tea and vegetarian snacks provided

Cost online: $220 including certification and course script in pdf


Prerequisite: none

Hours of Study: 6 hours

Seminar time live: 

9:30am-4.30pm or as specified by your teacher

Online: 1-8pm AWST (Perth)

Minimum Number of participants: 4-12


  • Train the sensory perception, which is the central basis for communication and learning

  • Promote coarse and fine motor skills

  • Motivate the children and thereby strengthen their concentration and endurance

  • Stimulate the imagination and thus promote creativity as an important basis for solution competence

  • Strengthen the social and communication skills of children

What do you need to participate in the online course?
(Everything is provided in the live courses)


1 Metal Singing Bowl and mallet

(preferably Peter Hess® quality and 20cm or larger in diameter)
1 Balloon

1 Bottle of water for a game
1 Towel 
​1 Cushion and blanket 
Zoom connection 

What's included?


​2x 3 hrs of interactive online lectures via Zoom
Technical support
​Workshop script in pdf format
Certificate of attendance in pdf format
​Mindfulness Sound Meditation 

If you would like to host this workshop at your school, daycare centre, Kindergarten etc. please feel free to contact me.

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