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KliK® Module III

KliK® Module III
Inspiring Children with Sound and Language

In this two day seminar you will learn how to help children develop their communication and conflict solving skills. The basic features of sounding communication, tailored to the language of children, are conveyed in conjunction with the resonance-generating effect of the Singing Bowls’ sounds to foster relaxation and stress prevention to eg. solve learning blocks.

Strengthen the healthy, rather than eliminate deficits

The combination of sound and language takes the focus away from the problem and on to the solution and motivates children to look for solutions to their problems or difficult situations. This also helps you to recognise and strengthen the individual resources of a child and their family environment more quickly. The learned sound methods support this process and also offer support through nonverbal and verbal communication and expressiveness. This can also playfully contribute to overcoming cultural or intellectual differences and to the expansion of social skills.


Delivery: Live and online via Zoom

Cost live: $450 including certification and course script in pdf

Cost online: $450 including certification and course script in pdf


Prerequisite: Peter Hess® Sound Massage I

Recognised for: KliK® Expert/KliK® Practitioner

Hours of Study: 16 hours

Seminar time live:  2 days from 9:30am-5.30pm

Seminar time online: 

2 days from 1:00pm-8:00pm AWST (Perth)

Minimum number of Participants: 6-12


  • Introduction to solution orientated interacting based on educational sound communication

  • Promotion of verbal and non-verbal communication and expressiveness

  • Recognition and strengthening of individual resources

  • Expansion of social skills

  • Tools to encourage children to look for solutions themselves​

What do you need to participate in the online course?
Everything is provided in the live courses

1 Set of 3 Peter Hess® Singing Bowls and mallet
1 Zen Bowl Set, Assam Bowl Set or Head Bowl
1 Zen Mallet
​1 Cushion and blanket
1 Floor mat or Yoga mat

1 Massage table (optional)​

1 Small plain cardboard box to decorate

5 plain cards (you can cut normal paper into pieces)

1 Pen or pencil to write
1 ​Arts and craft supplies (eg coloured pens, glue, glitter, magazines,

stickers, deko, feathers, shells, ribbon etc) (optional)

Piece of string 2-3m long (can be knitting wool or similar)

1 Training Partner for the exchanges 
1 Stable Zoom connection on a device


What's included


16 hrs of interactive online lectures via Zoom
​Workshop script in pdf format
Certificate in pdf format

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