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KliK® Module II 

KliK® Module II 
Sound Massage with Children
Awakening all Senses in Children

In order to understand the world, we must first be able to experience it with all our senses. That is the essence of humanity. 

As children learn more and more through screen use from televisions, computers, Ipads and the like, holistic experiences have become rare, but these holistic experiences are the basis of a healthy childhood.
Children need versatile sensory experiences to train the brain's processing capability.
With the Singing Bowls we will touch and stimulate all senses.

We encourage you to participate in the workshop “Singing Bowls - Playing and Learning with all Senses”

before doing this seminar. 



Delivery: Live and online via Zoom

Cost live: $450 including certification and course script in pdf

Cost online: $450 including certification and course script in pdf


Prerequisite: Peter Hess® Sound Massage I

Recognised for: KliK® Expert/KliK® Practitioner

Hours of Study: 16 hours

Seminar time live:

2 days from 9:30am-5.30pm 


2 days from 1pm-8pm AWST (Perth)

Minimum number of Participants: 4-12


  • Introducing Singing Bowls to children

  • Learning easy-to-use, playful Sound Massage techniques for children

  • Awakening all senses in children with the help of Singing Bowls

  • Relaxing children senses with Fantasy Journeys, Meditations and Sound Massage​

What do you need to participate in the online course?
Everything is provided in the live courses

1 Set of 3 Peter Hess® Singing Bowls and mallet
1 Heartbowl small (optional)
1 Zen Bowl Set, Assam Bowl
Set or Head Bowl
1 Zen Mallet
1 Tingsha or Zen Bell
​1 Cushion and blanket
1 Floor mat or Yoga

1 Massage Table (optional)
​1 Fluffy Toy (stuffed toy animal)
​1 Bottle of (chemical free) massage oil and a small dish
​1 Box of tissues or towel
1 Training partner for the exchanges
1 Stable Zoom connection on a device

What's included?

16 hrs of interactive & online lectures via Zoom
​Workshop script in pdf format
Certificate in pdf format

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