Sound Facts & Benefits

The benefits of Sound Relaxation are amazing.

Sound and vibro-accoustic treatments are non-invasive, gentle but powerful and very effective,

leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and with a clear mind.

When stress goes there is room for new positive thoughts and feelings, self-empowerment,

self-healing, inspiration and creativity.

Sound Relaxation during Pregnancy is a beautiful experience.

Pregnant woman are more sensitive, more aware and therefore very receptive to the gentle sound waves and relaxing, nurturing sounds of the Singing Bowls. Some of the benefits of Sound Relaxation during pregnancy are:

  • Balancing, calming, grounding

  • Deeply relaxing and nurturing

  • Reduces  fear

  • Builds trust in own body and own innate wisdom/instincts

  • Prepares and supports mentally for birth

  • Strengthens self- and body-awareness

  • Encourages the act of surrendering, letting go

  • Facilitates bonding between Mother and child

Image by Juli Kosolapova