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“Gongs are bigger than humans” Csongor Kölzce, Germany

Dive into the transformative world of Gongs with me in the "Gong I - Basics of Gong" Seminar!

Over 12 years of experience and international training condensed into a weekend seminar. Explore the origins, cultural significance, and healing properties of different style Gongs with a Focus on Fen and TamTam Gongs.

Learn essential playing techniques, discover the unique sound spectrum with and without different mallets, and grasp the importance of the player's mindset and posture.

This immersive experience aims to empower you to confidently play the Gong for yourself and others.

This course is certified with IICT.


Delivery: Live 

Cost live: $500.00 including certification and course script

Seminar time live:

Saturday 9:30am to 5.30pm and Sunday 9:30am to 5.30pm 

Minimum number of course participants :

6 - 12

Workshop Facilitators:

Ute Coleman 


  • History and cultural background

  • Sound Physics

  • Resonant fields - the power of the Gong

  • Introduction to a variety of Gongs and mallets with a focus on Fen and TamTam Gongs 70cm plus

  • Single mallet playing techniques and sequences

  • Mindful approach

  • Less is more

  • Application and possibilities of the Gong 

  • Learn to play the Gong safely and pleasantly for yourself and others

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