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Emily Hess® Sound Yoga

Next Emily Hess®  Sound Yoga Training
Enjoy being in the here & now

and in complete inner harmony

A new date has just been released!



You are invited to join us for the second online Emily Hess® Sound Yoga Training

via Zoom in English with Janine Gabelmann

Surrounded by Bliss Germany www.surrounded-by-bliss.com

This training is open to all Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioners with

Yoga experience and all certified Yoga Teachers who would like to expand their offerings

and integrate Sound Yoga into their practice. We also invite everyone with Yoga experience  

to join us and enjoy this course as a self-care retreat.

​Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioners will receive the certification "Emily Hess® Sound Yoga Practitioner" which enables them to support Yoga Teachers in sessions.

Yoga Teachers will receive the certification "Emily Hess® Sound Yoga Teacher"


What do you need to participate?

  • Peter Hess® Heart Bowl

  • Peter Hess® Belly Bowl

  • Peter Hess® mallet

  • Stable Zoom Connection

  • Yoga mat

  • Bolster or equivalent

  • Blankets, Cushion and Meditation Cushion if available

  • Practice Partner for the exchanges

Yoga and Sound - What a wonderful connection!
With Emily Hess' method the Singing Bowls are not only used in relaxation or meditation, but also actively in the Asanas.
You yourself or a partner place the Singing Bowl either on or next to your body and make them sound soothingly. 
The healing vibrations of the Singing Bowls and the rhythmic flow of your breath will lead you effortlessly into a relaxed state of being while in the Yoga Asanas. The gentle sounds will hold and support as well as gently guide you into your inner balance and your inner strength.

The music of the mantras, the powerful sounds of the Singing Bowls and the Gong express lightness, joy and depth.

Nurture yourself, or in partner exercises, with a Yoga Sound Massage. By using the therapeutic bowls on your body, the healing and regenerative vibrations will harmonise each cell and give you a cellular massage. Blockages in your energy channels (nadis), your muscles, fascia, your tendons, ligaments and joins can be released. At the same time mental tension eases and new space  for positive thoughts and creativity open up. Life energy- Prana- can now flow freely again.
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Cost: $700 including certification and course script in pdf 


Prerequisite: none 

Peter Hess® Sound Massage Level I recommended

Hours of Study: 20hrs plus self-study

Seminar time: 

June 2022 - Please note it is AWST (Perth)

Thursday 23/6 from 6pm-9pm

Friday 24/6 from 12pm-9pm

Saturday 25/6 from 12pm-9pm

Sunday 26/6 from 12-3pm

Workshop Facilitator: Janine Gabelmann

Host: Ute Coleman


  • Individual Yoga Sound Massage, also for the group

  • Fantasy and Sound Journeys for the Yoga class

  • Effective practice of Mantras during Yoga-Flow, Singing Bowls and Gongs to deepen the breath and for concentration 

  • How to build a Emily Hess®-Sound Yoga class 

And here is Emily Hess in an interview sharing her love, passion and vision about this training.