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Due to its forged shape, the laryngeal bowl stands more securely and easily on the voice-forming and sound-forming part of the body than, for example, the large or small heart bowl.

In the beauty and wellness area, it can be wonderfully used in the upper body area (décolleté).


For this purpose we recommend the following felt mallets hkFS-XS-3 or rubber mallets Lava-50.



In some situations, it may be useful to use the laryngeal bowl as a heart bowl as well. However, this is only recommended if the large or small heart shell is poorly positioned on the chest, or the large heart bowl is found to be too heavy.


Peter Hess® Throat Bowl

  • Weight 0,68 kg

    approx. 6,5 cm


    ca. 600 – 680 g


    approx. 17 cm

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