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Mapping the brain during Sound Massage with Karlene McIntosh BArch Bsc. (UWA) Neuroscience (UWQA)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Board certified in Quantitative EEG

I met neuroscientist Karlene McIntosh in June to experience my first BrainMapz Sound Treatment. This is something I've been waiting to have for a while, and it was incredible to experience the deep state of relaxation along with this amazing Electrocap technology, and Karlene's expertise in analyzing and reporting the activities of my brain in this session. I was very happy to receive a Sound Massage by Miranda Conrau, Nurturing With Miranda, a certified Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner and drop quickly into a deeply relaxed mental & physical state.

Here are Karlene's words about my BrainMapz Sound Treatment:

"As everyone has their unique brain wave patterns, singing bowl placements and techniques will naturally produce different effects for each client."
"The major treatment effect (in this case) was the increase in Alpha waves and relaxation which extended into the frontal areas. The transition into a relaxed state was quickly achieved and sustained throughout the whole session. Background EGG results also saw a significant drop in fast wave activity related to muscular tension."

What did the results show in more detail?

The Sound session produced some marked changes to the Baseline EEG as follows:

Background EEG

Adverse fast wave activity at pre-frontal electrodes, which is probably from tension in the forehead and/or eye strain, disappeared in the sound session recording. This is a very promising outcome

Power Spectra

The Posterior dominant rhythm (PDR) dropped from 10.5 Hertz in the Baseline recording to 9.28 Hertz during the sound treatment session. Alpha is significantly more widespread (pink, red and green in the maps) and reflects a deeper relaxation state

Alpha frequency in the sound session power spectra has a larger range (wider profile in the yellow band) which suggests the treatment is creating substantial changes within the Alpha band.

Power Maps

Alpha power levels have increased to normal (green) in the 8-10 Hertz range. In the A2 (10-12 Hertz ) bandwidth, Alpha has become more widespread and extends into the frontal regions


Hyper-connectivity was noted in the Baseline analysis in Centro-frontal sites in the alpha band and posterior areas in faster frequencies. This Baseline activity has reduced in the faster frequencies (Beta) in the sound session, which reflects a more balanced eyes-closed pattern.

Site F3 has become over-connected in the sound session QEEG results in the slower frequencies (Delta), rather than under-connected, as displayed in the Baseline. This is a significant correction and shows the dramatic effects of the treatment on neural electrical activity.

Excerpts from my BrainzMaps report:

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