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Elevate your Sound Massage Skills with our exclusive
Online Chakra Balancing Workshop

This 3.5 hour online workshop is open to all Peter Hess® Sound Massage students Level I and above who would like to refresh or learn this wonderful Chakra Balancing sequence using Peter Hess® Therapy Bowls.

Are you a dedicated Sound Massage student or Practitioner looking to take your skills to the next level or refresh your knowledge?
Join our specialised Online Chakra Balancing Course!

Experience the Magic of Chakras:

Let's explore the fascinating world of Chakras and embark on a holistic journey towards overall well-being. We will gain an overview of these energy centers and learn how each Chakra corresponds to different aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Join me as we discover the captivating world of Chakras.

Harmonising Techniques for each Chakra:

In this immersive course, you will learn techniques to harmonise and balance each Chakra using different combinations of Peter Hess® Therapy Bowls. Find out of how specific frequency ranges can restore balance, clear blockages, and promote vitality in each energy center.

Benefits Beyond Measure:

Unlock the benefits as you master the art of Chakra Balancing with Singing Bowls. Not only will you enhance your therapeutic toolkit, but you'll also be equipped to offer your clients a profound sense of healing through the eleviation of stress and by inducing a deep sense of relaxation to enhance emotional well-being, vitality and increased energy flow.


Delivery: Online via Zoom

Cost: $150.00 including attendance certificate

Seminar time live:

1:00pm-4:30pm AWST (Perth) includes breaks

Minimum number of course participants: 6

Workshop Facilitator: Ute Coleman


  • Overview of Chakras and their significance

  • Chakra Balance in a Goup Setting

  • Chakra Balance in a 1:1 Session

  • Application and types of Peter Hess® Therapy Bowls for Chakra Balancing

  • Creating customized Chakra Balancing sequences for individual clients

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