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Part I​

This seminar is open and designed for all those who enjoy storytelling, presenting meditations and lyrical texts, or wish to work with imaginations in individual settings, groups, or as coaches for various purposes. Participants will learn to deepen the impact of Imaginary Journeys and texts through the creative use of Singing Bowls and Gongs. In a lively atmosphere, practical sessions will teach you how to craft beautiful "soundscapes" that enhance the resonance of our stories. Theory and practical exercises alternate throughout the seminar.

Part I​I

In this seminar, we learn to create our own Imaginary Sound Journeys. We will dive deeply into language as it plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the experience.

Language has something magical about it. Through language, we connect with others, present ourselves, share our lives, and encourage others to take action. Language has the power to shape the world, especially when used imaginatively. Listeners in deep relaxation translate every image we paint with our words directly into an inner picture. Inner pictures, in turn, create reality.

Imaginary Sound Journeys can help to

  • Develop new ideas in life

  • Recognize healthy pathways

  • Facilitate learning

  • (Re)discover spirituality

  • Find creative solutions

  • And much more..​.

After this seminar, you will be able to write your own Imaginary Sound Journeys tailored to each client. This gives your practice a unique offering.

What to expect:
Lectures, demonstrations, Sound Meditations, experiential exercises, practicing (giving & receiving) and verbal sharing.
We will use massage tables and floor mats with cushions in our practice sessions.
We only use therapeutic Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls and Sangha® Meditation Singing Bowls which are available at the courses.

If you wish complete your degree as a

Relaxation Trainer for Imagery & Sound Journeys according to Emily Hess and Peter Hess:
Pre-requisites are Peter Hess Sound Massage Level I + Imagery & Sound Journeys Part I + II



$500 per module per person including certification and course manual

​$900 for the block training - Part I and II when booked at the same time

Prerequisite: none

Hours of Study: 16 per module

Seminar time:  9:30am to 5.30pm on two consecutive days


Minimum number of participants: 6-12

Teachers: Ute Coleman


Part I

  • Learn how to enrich Imaginary Sound Journeys, stories, fairy tales, and poetry with sound to enhance vibrancy, ease, and impact

  • Creating a soundscape for Meditations or poems to express intentions more deeply

  • Use of Sangha Meditation Bowls.

  • Guidance and tips for creating professional offerings


Part II

  • Learn how to use language that resonates with listeners (mindful, loving, and gentle)

  • Practice writing your own Imaginary Sound Journeys

  • Learn how to create personalised sound experiences for individual and group work

Relaxation Trainer for Imaginary Sound Journeys according to Emily Hess and Peter Hess


This specialised training is designed for relaxation, learning support, and personal development, emphasising the profound effects of trance and inner imagery through the professional use of high-quality Singing Bowls and Gongs. Developed by experts in this seminar series, these techniques enable listeners to relax more quickly, enhance their imagination, and improve concentration. Central to the training is learning the Peter Hess® Sound Massage to deepen the impact of Imaginary Sound Journeys.

Key components of this training include:

  • Fundamental knowledge of instruments

  • Techniques for using Sound Journeys as a relaxation method

  • Developing creativity through Imaginary Journeys

  • Cultivating inner imagery

  • Inducing relaxation through sound

  • Conducting engaging and effective Imaginary Sound Journeys

  • Teaching methods, course structure, and workshop management

  • Creating Imaginary Sound Journeys using a straightforward system

  • Crafting language and structure 

  • Integrating sound with supporting stories and poetry

Where can you work as a Relaxation Trainer specialising in Imaginary Sound Journeys?

Mediations, Guided Imaginary and Imaginary Sound Journeys are increasingly popular and can be offered in various settings, including fitness studios, adult education centers, schools (with both children and adults), wellness and spa areas, clinics, health resorts, and therapeutic practices such as counseling and alternative medicine. Whether in group settings or individual sessions, these techniques are valuable for promoting relaxation and enhancing overall well-being.

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